What are factora circles?


money confidence builders

Do you feel like you can confidently do things like take risks, start a business, travel, leave that job you despise, take a class you’re interested in, get out of debt, or have a comfortable retirement?

Personal finance fundamentals

In a Factora circle, we’ll teach you all the basics you need to create a financial roadmap, while sharing our goals with each other AND holding each other accountable way beyond when the Circle ends.


Factora Circles are for women who want to take charge of their money and start building wealth




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Maximize your finances

Learn how to align your spending to match your values plus how to earn additional income at your job and outside of it.

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Invest in yourself

Discover the 3 asset classes used to build wealth and identify which one is best suited to your risk profile and goals.

We asked Amber what she learned from taking a Factora Circle: "First and foremost, how impactful it is to simply change my mindset around money; I now see it as something I have complete control over, rather than the other way around. I've also learned that my big money goals — and even beyond that, my life goals — are very much attainable and achievable with strategic thinking about my finances and the different asset classes available to me." 

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Gain Financial clarity

Understand your current financial picture and identify where you want to end up so you can build accordingly.

We believe that when women come together to elevate their financial lives, it advances our collective future. 

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fufill your potential

Long after you graduate a Circle, you’ll join an exclusive network of women building wealth together across the U.S.



TAKE A FACTORA CIRCLE TO start making big money moves



 When was the last time you felt confident about your financial decisions?


It might’ve been last week. It might’ve been...never?

When money’s a taboo topic, it costs women more than just cash:

  • We feel guilt, shame, or anxiety when we check our financial accounts (Ugh I don’t even want to know how much money I spent this weekend)

  • We feel confused when we need to make important financial decisions (What’s an IRA again?)

  • Worst of all, these feelings can lead to inaction when it comes to building lasting wealth (I’ll figure retirement out eventually...)

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed about where to start, we get it. It seems like there’s too much to learn, and the vast majority of us weren’t taught anything about money at school or at home.


This course has literally changed my life. I am so proud of myself for all I've accomplished in the few months since starting this journey and can't wait to see how far we climb! Money doesn't have to be a scary, ambiguous thing. It's something that now deeply excites me!



Factora circle faqS

"How much do they cost?"

A Factora Circle is $800 for 10-weeks of financial education & planning that will last you a life time. Getting a financial plan (with none of the education!) made by a financial advisor would easily cost you double that, and that's before management fees.

"What's the money-back guarantee?"

If you don't get a 5X return on your investment, we'll refund your money, no questions asked—as long as you've shown up for each session and completed all the exercises. We've seen the immense difference we've made in women's financial lives and feel confident we can help you too. Investing in yourself is the first step to radical change.

"What if I have a partner?"

While a Factora Circle is only for you, many women in Circles have partners, and it's easy to apply your learnings to shared finances. We've seen several couples get mutually excited about their financial futures and bridge financial gaps with their newfound knowledge.

"What are the logistics and time commitment?"

Factora Circles consists of 5 online sessions every other week for a total of 10 weeks. Each live session is 2.5 hours and includes finance fundamentals, interactive exercises, and lively discussions around each topic. The last half-hour is reserved for syncing with your accountability partner.

"Who are the facilitators?"

Facilitators are Factora alumni who've overhauled their financial lives (increased their networth by 30K in months, bought an investment property, etc.). Why learn from "experts" who won't show you their finances, when you can learn from someone who went through the financial journey you're about to embark on?

"Who is a Factora Circle for?"

A Factora Circle is for anyone who wants to feel financially empowered and free. It's for women who are open to learning new things, challenging the status quo, putting in the work to make real changes, and nailing down the financial fundamentals you need to succeed.



Women now control more than half of U.S. personal wealth


Research confirms that women are more risk-averse and feel less confident than men when making investment decisions.


  • Women are the primary breadwinners in 40% of U.S. households

  • Women-owned businesses now account for 30% of all privately-owned U.S. enterprises

  • Women make 85% of consumer-purchase decisions

  • Women make 80% of health-care decisions

Something doesn’t add up.

Women have so much power—but we’re still making less, investing less, and approaching money with fear instead of confidence. That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to get 1 million women to $1 million net worth — A Factora Circle is the first step.



take a factora circle to get clear on your financial goals & start building wealth



Financial freedom isn’t just about catching up to the guys.

Shockingly, 40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense. And 25% of Americans have no retirement savings.

Financial freedom is about living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

It’s about being able to confidently take care of yourself and your loved ones.

And it’s about feeling a deep sense of peace—not anxiety—when you think about your future.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
— Jim Rohn
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factora women

Having a group of like-minded women that are honest and open about their finances, makes this process so much easier.  I'm so excited for what's to come with my new network of empowered money friends!

- Renee F



After graduating from a Circle, you’ll have:

1. A financial inventory of your current financial state + net worth calculation.

2. A lifestyle analysis so you’ll know exactly how much you should be spending, saving, and investing per month to meet your financial needs (it’s different for everyone).

3. A re-alignment of your spending with your values so you can spend less and save more.

4. A foray into the minds of millionaires and the 6 principles that guides them to success.

5. An understanding of your risk-profile so you can choose an investment strategy.

6. Inspiration to find new ways to earn more at work and outside of it.

7. A debrief on real-estate investing and why it’s easier than you think.

8. A blueprint for your Financial Freedom + tangible, baby-step goals to get you there.

9. A crew of new female friends who’ll hold you accountable to your goals (priceless, we think).

10. Access to a private Slack for women building wealth across the US and real-time discussions about financial considerations for different opportunities.


Are you ready to?





Then fill out the Factora questionnaire to be first in line and we’ll let you know when online Circles open later this year!