White Claws & Labor Laws

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Labor Day is one of those holidays I never thought twice about...except to plan out how I was going to accomplish:

  • Floatin' or boatin' down a river

  • Drinking a sparkly beverage

  • And consuming a juicy burger...at precisely the same time.

I finally took a second to think about what Labor Day means and how it applies to my money. And yours.

Labor Day celebrates the labor movement that gave us the benefits we take for granted today, like minimum wage, max 8-hour work days, and safe working conditions. As grateful as we are for these baseline rights, this community of women has dreams far beyond that.

So what if we flipped Labor Day on its head?

Instead of laboring for our money, what if our money labored for us? As it turns out, money doesn't mind working 24/7… without breaks.

Every woman should have a plan for how their money can make MORE money, so eventually you won't have to trade your precious time for dollar bills.

If you don't have a plan for growing your money, a Factora Circle will help you create one.

It's the most effective way to secure your freedom and start living a life you're excited about (AKA water-bound with a Claw in hand..).

Cheers to #wealthywomen and being the boss of your own money,

Allegra, Founder of Factora

Allegra Brantly