Ways to Spend Less $$ This Summer


When the weather heats up and your social calendar is poppin’, money tends to fly out of our wallets faster than we can say “aperol spirtz.” But with a little intention and forethought, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a spicy summer AND keep that cash where it belongs: in your wallet.

Skip the flight!

Traveling is fun but flying is expensive. If you’ve got an adventurous spirit aaaand you’re traveling within the continental U.S., do you really have to fly? A couple of fun alternative options include:

  1. Rent a car basically for free with Transfercar. Transfercar connects rental car companies that need to move vehicles with people who need to travel. If the dates and locations work, you could pay as little as $5.

  2. Or, drive your own car but camp along the way! Bye, Airbnb cleaning fees.

  3. OR, rent an RV through Outdoorsy (which, depending on how long you travel for, usually ends up being far cheaper than a flight).

Leave your credit card at home

Just having your credit card on hand can lead to unnecessary purchases. Walking past a CVS can lead to a $20 mascara-and-gum run. Passing a coffee shop can lead to an iced coffee pick-me-up that you didn’t really need. Et cetera. Maybe just try leaving your credit card at home once a week and see how much money you don’t spend. (Obviously make sure to have your ID/phone/other safety necessities because #wealthywomen are also #smartandsafewomen).

Hit that unsubscribe/unfollow button

Summer sales are another sneaky way money drains out of our wallets. Just because something is $20 doesn’t mean you need it in your wardrobe. And we all know that usually, items that are cheap to buy are also cheaply made. Avoid the temptation and unsubscribe from any retailers you might have added to your inbox rotation. You’ll feel less hectic in the mornings checking email, aaaand you won’t feel a pull to buy that $15 dress from Asos. Win/win.

Happy hour, happy hour, happy hour

There’s no good reason to eat a full-priced meal when you can get INSANE deals if you just eat a little earlier. It’s better for your digestion anyway, according to an article we read once.

They’re great deals in every city, but some of our favorite local Austin spots include:

  1. Olive and June - literally everything is 1/2 off. Monday - Friday until 6:30pm.

  2. Salty Sow - so many things for $5. Every day, 4:30 - 6:30 pm.

  3. Bar Peached - $6 draft cocktails and wine, $5 draft beers, $5 snacks. Every day, 4 to 6:30pm.

  4. Winebelly - lots of things for $5. Tuesday - Thursday, 4 - 6pm.

If you have a favorite ATX spot, puh-lease let us know because we’re always on the hunt for a great HH. Come to think of it, why doesn’t a nationwide HH list exist?!

it’s okay to say no

Way easier said than done, but sometimes it’s cool to say no to social engagements that you’re not that stoked about. If some friends of friends are planning a weekend getaway and you COULD go, but you also could NOT go, why push it? You’ll save money, time, energy, etc. Plus, it’ll make the getaways you DO plan with the people you love feel that much more special and memorable.


Friendly reminder that you can do a lot of cool stuff in the great outdoors for free99. Watering holes, long walks, yoga in the park, reading on a bench, picnics with friends, you catch our drift.