Resources For Entrepreneurs


One of the many benefits you get when you graduate from a Circle is exclusive access to our Slack community. We’ve got separate channels for pretty much any money topic you can think of: real estate, books and podcasts, paper assets, small biz, etc.

In case you haven’t joined a Circle yet, we wanted to share some of our favorite resources that have been shared in our Slack channel for entrepreneurs.


How to raise money for your new business

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t only about having the best ideas

Richard Branson to Young Entrepreneurs: 'Just Do It'

7 Rejections

Atomic Habits

The E-Myth


She Did It Her Way: Episode 258 with Molly Sapp

7 Side Hustle Podcasts that Will Power Up Your Part-Time Business


A few women have recommended Azlo’s fee-free online business banking for entrepreneurs or University Federal Credit Union for business banking if you’re Texas based.

This is our favorite profesh-looking free invoice generator.

Freshbooks for managing money.

MileIQ to track miles.

Allegra Brantly