Our New Color Palette


One of the most fun parts of launching our re-brand was choosing our new color palette. Currently, we usually use some version of pink and green for pretty much everything.

So we’re staying with those roots, albeit in a much more **sophisticated** way. We didn’t just choose these new colors because they look cool. Each one resonates with one of our core values (which we’ll be sharing soon).

image-asset copy.png

Forest Green - We know what you’re thinking. Green because money, right? And to that we say—we're not that obvious…This deep green feels calming, soothing, and grounding, which is exactly how we want you to feel about your own personal finances. Plus, this color reminds us to see the forest for the trees. We try not to beat ourselves up about little details like that expensive dinner we didn’t need— but rather focus on the bigger picture, like that investment property we’re saving up for.


Maroon - This color reminds us of an underground secret society. It tells us that the bonds and connections we make as women run deep, especially when they’re formed over a shared interest (like true wealth, to name something just off the top of our heads). This deep maroon means “We solemnly swear we’re up to no good”, and by “no good” we mean money moves.


Magenta - This color represents our female-ness and all of the joy, strength, and love that comes along with being a woman. We’re up against some tough financial statistics, like earning 0.79 cents for every dollar that a man makes. But empowered women empower women, and this color reminds us that we’re stronger because of—not in spite of—being a woman.

Allegra Brantly