LGP Conference Recap: What could your money look like in a year?


This past weekend, I spoke at Get Money, Get Paid, the annual Ladies Get Paid conference in Brooklyn all about helping women rise up at work. 

There were so many amazing women that spoke about major topics like diversity, inclusion, and  politics. One of my faves was LGP’s founder Claire Wasserman, who reminded us that there’s enough challenges we face as women, let’s not let ourselves get in the way of our own success!

Claire Wasserman (pink) and her partner/co-founder Ashley Louise at Get Money, Get Paid.

Claire Wasserman (pink) and her partner/co-founder Ashley Louise at Get Money, Get Paid.

But y’all know me. I was there to talk MONEY. And talk money I did. Read on for a little recap of what I covered, starting with one of my fave quotes of all time:

We overestimate what we can do in a day, but we underestimate what we can do in a year.
— Bill Gates

2020 isn’t just a new year—it’s a whole new decade

So take a second and think:

  • What was your net-worth back in 2010? 

  • What is it now? 

  • What do you WANT it to be in 2030? 

It’s time to stop ignoring your money. It’s time to stop spending on whatever’s in front of you (that wasn’t planned for). It’s time to stop saving “whatever’s left at the end of the month.” It’s time to stop feeling intimidating by investing.

Now is the time to commit to your financial future. All you need is a solid financial education and commitment to a plan (made easier by having a group of female $ friends rooting for you!).

Do you learn about finance in your free time?

Most women don’t. Most women also don’t set goals for their lives 3, 5, 10 years in advance.

In Factora Circles, we help you with all of the above. We teach you the finance fundamentals every woman should know, and then we help you set goals and share them—so you’re accountable for actually achieving them. Plus, we teach you our secret-sauce, foolproof MAMBA method:

  • Mindset shift

  • Accounts & Automation

  • Multiply assets

  • Build goals

  • Accountability partners

What could your life look like in one year?

  • Could you be making 88% more, like Factora alum Amanda T.?

  • Could you have a fully-funded emergency savings and a 38% raise like Lauren J.?

  • Could you have purchased your first home and increased your net-worth by 20K, like Julia T.?

The possibilities are endless. But it all starts with you, right now.

Sign up for the Factora waitlist and stay tuned for when Circles open February 19

Cheers to a whole new decade,