Lauren Shares Her Factora Experience

Why was this experience life-changing?

I talk with Lauren to discover what made her want to join an Factora Circle in the first place and what’s changed in her life since joining. For starters, she’s:

  1. Recently accepted a new job with a 25% salary increase + negotiated for equity

  2. Saved $1,500 in less than 3 months with plans to have $8,000 in her emergency fund by March 2019

  3. Reopened a dormant brokerage account to start investing again

  4. Will be saving 20-25% of her income next year towards her value based goals

Lauren is a creative soul and spectacular woman. She was looking for motivation on how and where to take her financial life to the next level.

Having the support of the other women in the Circle is what she believed helped her get unstuck from a job she had on autopilot and a lifestyle that wasn’t advancing her financial future.

Allegra Brantly