Drink the Coffee, Not the Kool-Aid


On Sunday we had our 2nd Coffee & Coin event in Austin - the monthly forum where women talk wealth!

The room was full of inspired conversation and honest thoughts around how to set up our financial lives for success even when we hit roadblocks along the way.

A fearless woman named Holli shared her entire money journey (including the real numbers!) to a room full of supportive strangers.

It reminded me of something I come back to over and over again - there is a palpable sense of empowermentstrength, and love, in a room full of women supporting each other.

Holli shared her first money memory of learning her family wasn’t financially responsible after her dad got caught stealing cable (and the cartoons got shut off!) to:

  • Putting herself through school

  • Overcoming rocky relationships

  • Dealing with financial emergencies (that 10k bunny bill, though!)

  • Becoming the first person in her immediate family to own a home

  • Overhauling her career from earning 30K to 130K

  • And saving six figures in 8 years

All of which are great reminders that one event doesn’t define you and there is still time to take ahold of your financial future not by waiting, but by acting.  

The best time to take control of your financial future is when it feels:

  • Unclear

  • Expensive

  • Out of control

  • Confusing

  • Scary

  • Hard to navigate, etc.

That’s why Factora Circles exist. To give you a place to design your financial future with a group of women by your side and all the tools you need for you and your new money crew to gain financial clarity, purpose, security and freedom.

Today, Holli is looking at creative ways to invest her money thanks to her experience in an Factora Circle where she was encouraged to think outside the box, inspired to get her goals outlined, and supported to put them into action.

Allegra Brantly