A Look Back At Our Favorite Moments


Our new brand launches in t-minus 7 days. Before we get caught up in all the excitement (and champagne) of new beginnings, we wanted to take a look back at a few of our most favorite moments that got us here.

1) That time our first Circle sold out in a week.

Allegra’s idea for ElleFactor had been swirling around in her brain for months, and she realized she needed to light a fire under her ass to actually launch it. So she gave herself a deadline: on September 12, 2018, she’d announce her new business at a the ATX Ladies Get Paid event she’d planned on women and investing. She didn’t feel totally ready, but she did it anyways…and her first Circle sold out in a week.

Takeaway: If you’ve got an idea that you’ve been sitting on, don’t sit on it any longer. You’re not doing yourself any favors by depriving the world of your creative genius. Find a way to force yourself to do that thing you’ve been scared to do. Also, tell a lot of people who’ll keep asking you “So how’s [insert genius idea] going?”

2) That time we interviewed the founder of #BOSSBABESATX.


Hands-down one of our favorite interviews.

We love Jane Claire Hervey, the founder of #BOSSBABESATX and we’ve admired her for forever. So it was really exciting when Allegra got a chance to interview her at the BossBabes HQ. (FYI, we sit down with a badass woman once a month to talk money. It’s called Coffee & Coin. See you at the next one). She talked about what it was like to grow up with money insecurities and how she aligns her spending with her values. (We wrote a blog post about it if that sounds like something you’d be into).

Takeaway: Don’t be scared to ask for something that seems like it’s out of reach. Worst case scenario: you get a polite “no” and scoot that booty on to the next thing.

3) That time dozens of Circle alumni completely changed their financial trajectories.


This is Taylor, a Circle alum who’s since bought a house!

It probably goes without saying that the best part of this entire experience has been watching women transform their financial lives. We’ve got a woman who’s added 30K to her net-worth. We’ve got another duo who started thinking about how to creatively combine their resources. We’ve got a woman who’s looking into buying real estate in Pennsylvania. The list goes on. The most rewarding, though, has been watching women with severe scarcity mindsets around their finances blossom into abundance thinking and feeling super empowered on their financial journeys.

Takeaway: Find your “why” and live and breathe it. Our “why” is to help women build real wealth, so everything we do—from emails to events to branding—supports that mission statement.

Takeaway #2: You should probably join the Circle waitlist so we can brag about you and your finances in future blogs posts. Just sayin’.