How to Align Your Spending With Your Values


This past Sunday, we sat down with BossBabes founder Jane Claire Hervey to chat about her business and her money. (FYI, we sit down with a badass woman once a month to talk money. It’s called Coffee & Coin. See you at the next one).

We were so inspired by Jane’s approach to values-based spending that we wanted to a dig a little deeper on the topic.

A * candid * laugh with Jane.

A * candid * laugh with Jane.

What are your top priorities? Pick 5.

Warren Buffet has a philosophy about values that we really love: pick the 5 most important priorities in your life right now and ruthlessly stick to them. Spend all your time and resources on these things and say no to everything that doesn’t align with them.

Your priorities should be people, places, things that actually matter to you, not things that you feel you should matter. (Are you obsessed with collecting vintage E.T. memorabilia? Cool. Mark that as one of your priorities).

Jane’s example

Jane told us that she makes $64K a year. Two of her top priorities are philanthropy and clothes (hell yeah). So she allocates a huge chunk of her take-home pay to donating to charity and buying herself dope outfits, because that’s what she values.

“I spend money on donations and clothes because it makes me human…and I won’t compromise that.

— Jane Claire Hervey

An exercise for you

We were inspired by this simple exercise to help re-align your spending with what really matters to you. And we’re going to challenge you to our version of it:

  1. Define your top 5 priorities right meow.

  2. Notice (and track) where you spend money. Take three seconds after every purchase to simply notice what you bought without judgment. (For example: “$11.75 on gum, Bugles, and a Monster energy. Interesting.”)

  3. Reflect and ask yourself about each purchase: “Is this really in line with my top 5 priorities?”

  4. Reinvest the non-essentials in places that actually matter to you.

Let us know how it goes! Kissing those Bugles goodbye for some more E.T. memorabilia seems pretty doable.

Allegra Brantly